Monthly Archives: November 2006

Back to work

It’s good to have some pressure to write again… now I’d just better be sure that lunchtime meetings don’t lose me my day job.

Killing hornets with a baseball bat

Way too many people are writing about politics these days, and most of them are smarter than me on the subject. But it’s election day, and I’m despondent for the future, so what the heck. I’ll post this tomorrow, whatever the results.

Love enough to break a heart

Terry Pratchett just gets better. I’ve always loved the Discworld books (except the first two; they’re okay, but not up to the standards of storytelling of the later ones). The stories are so imaginative that it’s easy to forgive a few places with sloppy point of view or a climax that drags a little. I […]

With apologies to Winston

Open Source is the worst form of software except all the others that I’ve tried. I’m still in pain from migrating my mail system from mireille (my server in Tool, TX) to kirika (my supposed replacement server in Plano, TX). With one exception, every package has somewhat adequate documentation, but none do a very good […]

piled higher and all that

Would you bother to get into an email argument with someone who puts PhD in his reply address? Well, I’ll know better next time. (Edit: By that, I don’t mean arguing with someone who’s smarter than me. I do that all the time. I’m just wondering about the kind of person whose ego requires PhD […]

Everybody has a blog…

… so I should, too. I guess. I’ve been fooling around with WordPress for a while, so it’s far easier now for me to set up the blog than to think of a title for it. Maybe in a week or three. For today’s comment: spent a long time wandering around Barnes and Noble. Mainly […]