I’ve been writing for several years now, though my main effort has seen many restarts. I write software for a living, play online games (and a few console games) and am an anime addict – though, I’d like to think, not a typical anime geek. (‘Course, we probably all want to think that.)

And then – how credible is that claim, when my ringtone is utsukushi kereba sore de ii?

Warning: the audio-only versions are incomplete, so I linked the music video – but it is probably not work-safe. Especially if you’re employed by Southern Baptists. It is a truly lovely song, in any language. The title means “as long as they’re beautiful, that is all that matters,” but in context, it refers to the stars. Not – well, not the video.

The countless flowers embraced by the light
Gaze at tomorrow with eyes that hold no confusion
The white bells quietly look down from above
If they are beautiful, that is all that matters

Before deciding that I needed an “official” blog, I created Obsessivity, and if you’ve made it this far, you’re welcome to visit. I’ll certainly be updating it more frequently than this blog. Be warned, though, that it’s intended as a way for me to understand and respond to my own obsessions, so that I can work around or with them as I write.