Everybody has a blog…

… so I should, too.

I guess.

I’ve been fooling around with WordPress for a while, so it’s far easier now for me to set up the blog than to think of a title for it. Maybe in a week or three.

For today’s comment: spent a long time wandering around Barnes and Noble. Mainly the SF section, as usual. I almost left without a book today, but saw Wintersmith, Terry Pratchett’s latest in the new releases – for teens. It makes sense, I guess, the Tiffany series is intended for young adults, but that’s not where I expect to look for Pratchett.

On a slightly more serious note: I didn’t learn of Roger Zelazny’s death until at least a year after it happened. Before I knew, I’d regularly check the Z section of any bookstore in case there was a new anthology including something I may have missed; or, better yet, a novel. I’ve never been especially pleased with the last Amber book, and had always hoped there might be just one more… but no. I was dismayed to learn that there would be no more.

Today I looked again. There’s a new edition of Amber – all ten novels in one huge paperback – and two other books. That’s it, for a writer who used to have half the shelf. I understand why, and there really is no point in continuing to sell books that everyone who’d read them already owns. But it saddens me to see a great name fade.

Everyone who has even the vaguest notion that Science Fiction can be more than high-tech adventure stores owes it to themselves to read Zelazny’s “24 views of Mt. Fuji, by Hokusai.” It is one of the most beautiful pieces of fiction ever created. And even now, only twenty years after it won a Hugo for best novella, the collections which include it are out of print.

Rogher Zelazny died of cancer in 1995. As he’d have written about one of his characters, “we are all diminished by his passing.”