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Who the hell is Russell Brown?

A few years ago I noticed I’d gotten email for Russell Brown at my email address. I figured it was just regular junk; I get more than enough misaddressed spam. But mail for Russell Brown (always addressed to RUSSELL BROWN in block caps) kept arriving, and I realized that it was all from travel companies. […]

Paypal are idiots

I just got email from PayPal about their privacy practices. The email rings all alarm bells for being a phishing attempt. If I didn’t have relatively safe command-line tools to evaluate it, I wouldn’t have touched it. In an era where all personal data is on the line, when anti-fraud companies are warning everyone to […]

Windows UI annoyance

Will Microsoft ever realize that popping up a dialog while I’m working is a bad idea? I’m tying away when a dialog popus up, and the next key stroke has a random effect on it. The number of installations I’ve screwed up by accidentally responding to dialogs may be part of the reason my Windows […]


After abandoning Graffiti 1, I’ve been using TealScript exclusively, and I have to say that I’m very happy with it. I haven’t spent my $30 yet, I’m still using introductory trial, but I certainly will be. It recognizes my Graffiti 1 letter construction better than the Graffiti 1 libraries (and better than my earlier Palm […]

More Palm evilness

Though I now have Graffiti 1, I’ve now run into the problem mentioned in the thread I linked. When I exceed the size of a text box in the Blazer browser, the device resets. Sigh. I can’t go back to Graffiti 2. I’ve read several comments to the effect that “if you practice, you can […]

Why I hate my Palm (and what I’ve done about it)

I’ve owned various versions of the Palm Pilot for many years. I think my first was a Palm III, which I upgraded at least once before buying a Palm IIIc (the color version). I still have notes from Pooks‘s class that I took in 1999 or 2000 that has moved from one device to the […]

Next Weekend

… Con DFW

Mac attack

I’m sure this is already all over the net, but each time I re-watch it, I aggravate my cough by laughing. Apple ad targeting Vista.

With apologies to Winston

Open Source is the worst form of software except all the others that I’ve tried. I’m still in pain from migrating my mail system from mireille (my server in Tool, TX) to kirika (my supposed replacement server in Plano, TX). With one exception, every package has somewhat adequate documentation, but none do a very good […]