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Next Weekend

… Con DFW


Pooks made a comment here about my reaction to my short story, and used it to ask whether other writers suffered. My initial reaction was “that isn’t suffering,” and I haven’t changed my mind, but after thinking it over for a while, I can see why she’d the question that way. Making the reader suffer […]

A long weekend

So I’m finally going to write a fairly personal entry here, because it’s relevant. This last weekend has been tough, and in a way it isn’t over. We returned from a couple of years in Seattle in 1987. My wife, Vicki, had been in a car wreck while up there, and was still in constant […]

Put that story down, you don’t know where it’s been!

I don’t know much about the technical aspects of writing. I have a fairly good instinctive grasp of grammar – which is fortunate, because I don’t recall ever studying formal grammar at school. When it comes to defining components of a sentence, I can’t – but I rarely need correction. Thinking about it – now, […]

Back to work

It’s good to have some pressure to write again… now I’d just better be sure that lunchtime meetings don’t lose me my day job.