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Ginger Beer – continued

Updating my Ginger Beer experiments: The first batch was less gingery than I like. I’ve doubled the amount of ginger I add per day to two teaspoons. I tried doubling it again to four, but the drink was more gingery but somehow less interesting, more like fizzy ginger than nice, tart ginger beer. So every […]

Ginger Beer – first batch

My mother used to make ginger beer. She got the recipe over fifty years ago, from – she believes – family friends the Goodsons, when we lived in Totton (near Southampton). I’ve tried many commercial ginger beers in England, none as good as what she made. Over here in the states, ginger beer is almost […]

A taste of England – for a time.

When I first came to the US, I didn’t consider that it would eventually become my home. After I took up residence here, I don’t think I ever quite believed it would be permanent. Even after I married, I think I assumed that sooner or later we’d move back to the UK. The more I […]